Teaching Resources

We hope that Yonder Lies can be in service of our over-worked and under-paid community heroes: our teachers!

We will do our best to add educations resources to accompany our podcast. Although early on these will mostly be useful to late middle school and high school educators, we hope to eventually add options for late elementary school and early middle school educators as well!

Episode 1: Grand Teton National Park

Objective 1: Students understand the complicated history of GTNP 
Objective 2: Students will analyze the many ways that land can be protected.

  1. Define Philanthropy. How has philanthropy shaped the greater Jackson area?
  2. What are National Monuments and how are they created? 
  3. Describe the difference between the National Park Service and the US Forest Service. What are some benefits and drawbacks to each?
  4. Who was John D. Rockefeller? Was his method of conservation ethical?
  5. The podcast ends by discussing a “lack of involvement or lack of awareness” in Jackson. What is one thing you care about and how would you choose to protect it? 

From Local to Global

  1. Read the article on the creation of Chile’s new expansive hiking trail and National Parks system – https://www.afar.com/magazine/chile-opens-1700-mile-hiking-trail-connecting-17-national-parks
    1. How was that land protected? 
    2. Are there parallels between the creation of Chile’s new National Parks and GTNP? 
    3. Think about the creation of both GTNP and the parks in Chile, then contemplate the question asked at the beginning of the podcast: “Who gets to decide and why?”